HATCH Featured in Arts + Culture Texas Magazine


HATCH was the subject of a special feature in the February issue of Arts + Culture Texas magazine. The article discusses the project's creation, as well as the projects and events HATCH has been involved in, past and present. 

"The 4 Plus 4 Equals project is a prime example of the kind of collaborations HATCH will continue to facilitate, bringing together varying populations to think creatively about ways to spur public interest in social issues and ultimately effect change, all with an artistic bent."

Read the article online or in the print edition of the magazine.

Posted on February 18, 2014 .

The Start of a New Project on Art and Mental Health


I am so inspired by the start this week of a remarkable project that grew out of our HATCH-Up on Art, Creativity and Mental Health, with our amazing partners Fusebox and Via Hope. This project brings together four visual artists and four people in mental health recovery (peers) to co-create poster designs that illuminate this human experience in new ways that empower, inspire, and shift perceptions about people who have experienced mental health difficulties.

This week the partners met for the first time, and their human connection, playfulness and intention to listen and learn was awe-inspiring. Check out the photos and drawings they co-created for fun to jump-start their creative partnership. Special thanks to Michelle Dahlenburg and Sarah Martinez for their great facilitation!

More to come from these incredible creative changers...



Posted on October 14, 2013 .