We are not coordinating our resources in ways that are useful. We need to make new relationships, enliven the field, use our imagination, make giants out of fragments of things.
— Anna Deavere Smith, Playwright, Actress, MacArthur Genius

HATCH Programs

Food policy HATCH-Up

Food policy HATCH-Up

HATCH Retreat 2013

HATCH Retreat 2013

4 Plus 4 Equals workshop

4 Plus 4 Equals workshop


Small social gatherings of artists, organizers, advocates and innovators committed to learning about and harnessing creativity for social change. 

HATCH-Ups have engaged creative leaders on topics including: Food Policy, Housing Affordability, Mental Health, The Power of Voice, Poverty and Inequality, and more.

HATCH Workshops & Retreats

  • Workshops to build specific skills across sectors for creative engagement
  • Intensive retreats that bring together cross-sector leaders to build knowledge, deepen relationships and spark collaborations.
  • Evaluation, documentation and best practices

HATCH Community

HATCH Creative Projects

HATCH incubates and provides technical assistance and financial support for creative projects that advance social change.

HATCH Creative Projects


4 Plus 4 Equals

4 Plus 4 Equals is an Austin-based citywide visual art project and community conversation series designed to explore questions like these and raise public awareness about mental health. Four visual artists and four people in mental health recovery (peers) created art works that illuminate their experiences in new ways that empower and inspire. 

4 Plus 4 Equals is a collaborative endeavor produced by HATCH, Via Hope, and Fusebox. Learn more about the project and listen to four audio documentaries about the peers at the 4 Plus 4 Equals website

Poverty and Income Inequality in Texas

HATCH is engaging artists to help renew our commitment to alleviate poverty, shrink the inequality gap, and build an economy that works for everyone, nationally and in Texas.

HATCH and CPPP are currently working with artists to develop a multi-media creative project to document and inspire engagement and advocacy to alleviate entrenched poverty and growing income inequality in Texas. Despite our growing economy, Texas still has one of the highest rates of poverty in the country, at 17.9 percent. With a high percentage of low-wage jobs, work isn't paying enough for families to live on, and income inequality is growing even more rapidly in Texas than nationally. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of LBJ’s War on Poverty, this creative project will draw on LBJ’s vision, which led to more jobs, investments in education, and vital benefit programs that continue to lift millions of Americans out of poverty.”

Projects Incubated by HATCH

Sor Juana Festival

April 18-19, 2014
Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin TX

The Sor Juana Festival is a multidisciplinary festival that honors one of Mexico’s greatest writers, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a 17th-century Mexican nun who valued the education of women. Sor Juana was a celebrated playwright, mathematician and poet in her own time and considered to be the first feminist of the Americas. This year, through this unique festival, we celebrate the legacy of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and pay tribute to the art created by, for, and with women who have experienced incarceration in Texas.